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I was talking to a older lady that feels very strongly about prayer in the the school system and that it should be reintroduced to improve the behavior of children. I have an open mind to how things are in our society and think that in order to embrace understanding of something you have to see it from all angles. People have identities and their beliefs that will always be different from the next person; we just don’t all think or feel the same way about everything. I think that is good that we don’t it would be a very boring life to live in. However her thoughts and views did get me to thinking.


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As I think about the topic “prayer in public school” I ask myself, what do I really think about this subject? There was one time that all schools practiced religion in school and over time we began to get more and more people that would come from overseas and their beliefs were different. Of course after so long the government said that they would remove it and they did but prayer was still an issues and then they did away with that as well and in place put a moment of silence, this way kids could still pray if they choose to without offending anyone else. So my question is what did they do with this issue? or did they just made it quite.  I think this was a bit of an ingenious plan because there was no great deal of a conflict in our very growing diverse society. So are we fearful of other religions or people’s feelings?


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When you look at it what is prayer really going to change in the kids performance in the public school, from what I can gather is that prayer can promote more moral living and may have a positive impact on student behavior in schools, it can be very encouraging to students to think more of their follow classmates then of themselves, giving them more reason to show thankfulness, compassion, harmony, a positive attitude and understanding, it can also help students to respect themselves and teachers, parents, school administration and community leaders and other students. These are very good points that I have really evaluated in my time with deduction on the pros and cons. The pros have out wade the cons for me. It comes down to this for me that it is more so the decline of morals is the biggest problem for people that are a Christian faith religion compared to a person that is a Buddhist or  a Atheist faith religion. We all want to blame something else for our short comings. They have noticed that the divorce rates, teen pregnancy, violent crime, and drug use have all increased, but how has this all happened because of only prayer in public school they could not be the stem for all of these things to have the decline of morality because of children not being able to pray, or could it? I for one disagree. The parents at home have to teach their children morals and values.

In our routines, each and every one of us feels that we must strive in being the best that we are able of being on an everyday basis. We all seem to aim for similar goals, and try to practice the morals that we have been taught the methods we perform are exceptional. Some people follow religious outlines to seek a level of moral excellence, others just pursue different approaches that will give them a close exceptional performance of morals. Which brings me to my point existentialism a philosophical theory of life, it is complex but I feel this fits with my topic at hand. Moral individualism, freedom of choice, responsibility and alienation; these are the thing that are just what is going on with this issue for people. There are people that feel very strongly about having public school put prayer back into the school system, I can see how they feel this is the only way for humanity to attain stability in what we are declining in with divorce, teen pregnancy, violent crime, and drug use. Everyone must imitate the Almighty’s perfect profile. There is a basic philosophy by Aristotle; he deduces that humanity strives for an identical peak of moral excellence. Next to moral individualism, the predictability of choice is the most prominent existentialist theory. It is the person’s choice rather or not if they want to partake in having their child attend a school that do not share their moral beliefs. This is where there are other options for the child and where he or she attends school at. It is also the parent’s choice in how they teach their child morals or not.  Existentialism suggests that individuals must choose their way in understanding their own morals. People must set their own ethical standards. Neither a government nor the universe can predetermine moral rules. Each person strives toward a unique moral perfection.

choice and context

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It is our choices to determine who we are. It states in the text “Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself.”(Chaffee, 48) if a man has no morals then this is what he believes to be true and he will teach his child or children the same. So is it wrong for him to not want his child or children to pray in school if it is not his belief? There was another passage I came across that stated “For those who decide to think in limited and myopic ways, to run from their freedom and responsibility, to make choices with only their own selfish needs in mind—these people are living inauthentic lives of diminished value.” (Chaffee, 55) freedom is where mankind is open to a future that is determined by choice and action. Each person decides for himself how to live life. We cannot force people to teach their children one way of morals. If that is the case, it wouldn’t be freedom to choice now would it? Which would mean that no individual would have freedom.




Citation Information:

Chaffee, J. (2009) The Philosopher’s Way: thinking critically about profound ideas. (2nd ed) Upper Saddle River, NJ. Pearson Prentice Hall.


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3 Responses to Prayer In School

  1. Loving it! I believe prayer should be taught at home and a Bible study class should be conducted in the school systems. Prayer teaches people how to not rely or depend on anyone, but GOD. The school system and other entities may just be afraid of that because they will no longer have a people who are dependent and needy on “An earthly system.” Good read Darling. Thank you

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