Media Violence Is No Problem

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“In one of my classes I had to research the findings that children and adolescents were not affected by the media. It was interesting to discover what I was able to find with scholarly research but it was fun to debate this subject. I loved what I wrote so much that I wanted to share my findings on what I had learned”.

The effects of Entertainment violence and children can vary according to the child. There is a mixture of effects, both physical and psychological that can occur. First of all, through a child’s years of watching television, could develop the concept that violence is a way to solve problems. But if the parent is not taking out the time to teach the child right from wrong and using the television or as I like to call it, the boredom box, as a source to be a baby sitter. Then the child will have more time to interact with reality. Many studies have established that a single parent often raises aggressive children. Single parents are often connected with neighborhood type, which is another issue in predicting childhood aggression. This is because single parents are more probable to live in less advantaged neighborhoods.

My interview with a parent that works for a television company and wanted to stay unknown in this report stated that “entertainment can’t be the blame for the aggression behavior found in children who obviously can’t tell the difference between fiction and real life. If there is anyone that should take the blame, it is the unskilled parents of these kids who obviously didn’t give them enough guidance”.  An old friend of mine grew up with me in my neighborhood; we did just about everything you can think of. We wasn’t into a lot of entertainment such as music, TV, and video games, we enjoyed hanging outside and doing our cheers and ECT. But she began hanging with some older kids and started using drugs and drinking alcohol at the age of thirteen, by the age fifteen she was locked up for psychiatric treatment. This is an obvious signs of a troubled teen. Now, that I am older, I understand better that she suffered with being misguided; hanging with the wrong crowds of people that were into doing drugs which helped her become more aggressive than what she was. She was a tat aggressive growing up. The entertainment industry was not the cause of her lack of will power. She was taught about drugs just as I was taught about drugs, but she had a problem with peer pressure. Wanting to belong to something and wanting to be notice.

Violence and aggression were present in people long before they watched a movie like “SAW”. They don’t just wake up one morning and decide to commit a murder or act in a violent way, because they saw this movie, what about other movies,TV shows, music and etc. that were watch before this one those more in like had some aggressive behavior which was acted out as a public display of some sort. The consideration that someone could be legally accountable for the immoral behavior of someone who may have seen a film, played a video game, or watched at TV show is absurd. They must take credit for their own actions. Peer pressure can influence a person to start smoking, drinking, or doing drugs and other things that are harmful to his/her body. Peer pressure can be a struggle for some people because they may be depressed by what they have done or what people done to hurt their feelings in the past. Peer pressure can make a person feel really bad about them selves. The reality is many variables go into a child committing an act of violence and to say that a film, video games, or TV shows are the leaders among them is ridiculous. Sadly, for a child, they are usually influenced by a combination of things like a hostile environment, parental neglect or abuse, and impaired mental state. It is frequently that we hear about a disturbed and crazy serial killer born with a mental flaw or abusive, domineering parents. Children who commit gang violence are often from poor neighborhoods. And also, the students, that treat other students, like they are social outcasts. This is obvious, that their parents had a little to no influence in their lives.

There are also many shows that help children improve their skills. For example, Arthur, Crash Box (on HBO family), the magic cellar, and Sesame Street, all of these and more, it teaches kids how to think logically, and also helps with reading and writing. There are many other shows like this that are focused to help kids. And with movies like “Lion King” which teach you how to be brave and the cycle of life “Nanny McPhee” which teaches you morals and respect for other, and the “Bee Movie” which teaches you about how the economy work and the importance bees have in our world  these movie don’t leave a bad impression on the youths mind. and last but not least we have video game such as fun brain which teaches you how to think faster and remember longer, civilization revolution which teaches you about discovering history and great leaders around the world that lead world wide countries, Pet Vet which teaches you that it is important to take care of animals, and Monopoly Tycoon which teaches you how to manage money and your business. Many people think that television has a negative effect on the children’s education. Nevertheless, I know that television is a tool of education for children. It helped me a lot and is still helping me right now. I feel that it is the responsibilities of the parents to control what their children are watching. Maybe some of these children act aggressively because they have seen violence in their home and not on television. there are many other factors that should be evaluated before making an assumption that all media is the blame for the child’s public display of aggression. I think that television has the most influence on children, more than anything else. There has not been any evidence that television affects the education of children.

Finally, the violence and aggression that is displayed in our world of entertainment has become my generation and generations to come conversed debate. My question is it just an insanity plea for people that want to give the impression of being as much like victims as the people they harm. Censoring or prohibiting video games will not solve or even help a problem that is much more deeply rooted. Violence in the media does not cause aggressive behavior. Teenagers and children should have responsibility for their own actions. The effects of entertainment violence in teenagers and children can vary according to the adolescent. There is a mixture of effects, both physical and psychological that can occur. The consideration that someone could be legally accountable for the immoral behavior of someone who may have seen a film, played a video game, or watched a TV show is absurd. As individuals we have free will to watch or listen to what ever we want; but because we have of pro-social behavior on TV, adolescents can chose what to imitate. The research shown, does not show that violent children like violent games and are also, incidentally, more likely to be violent. The rate of violence and aggression in adolescents; that is displayed in our world, stems from coaching generation after generation how to be angry. There has not been any evidence that media affects the education and morals of children.




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