Why I am thankful?

It is so great to spend such a wonderful day with your family. See people that you don’t get to see on a regular basis and have a grand slam time with the traditional ways of thanksgiving. On the other hand like most people, we can lose sight of what Thanksgiving stands for. I was talking with some family members and friends today on the subject. I had come to the realization that the youth today have not been taught on the importance on learning why we celebrate this holiday. We have been celebrating this American of holiday for many, many, many years; it is an autumnal ritual that can seem to be fixed in the thoughts as honoring the goodness and perseverance of the nation’s initial arrival during the colonial days. I assumed that children of today were learning this. However, I have often questioned what the origins of our American tradition, during that time? Through my own research I was able to find out that Thanksgiving celebrations are more directly traced to European refugees whom would offer prayers for their survival. This newly found information changed the whole idea I had, which was that the pilgrims and Indians were able to meet eye to eye and shared a meal. Perhaps the idea of an annual event to honor the survival European refugees would be good to point out as the holiday approaches in family homes and the schools that our youth attends. Many people that are younger than I am would be able to associate the first Thanksgiving with a better understanding that Thanksgiving is not about a fest of just eating and travel. Because of the settlement that these European refugees settled around Virginia, were able to be here before the pilgrims, they were unable to become friends with the Indians; they were wiped out by them in a massacre. If this had not taken place, these first practitioners would have been around before the Pilgrims landed far to the north of them near Plymouth Rock. This event crated a chain of events and changed how we have come to know the truth we have been told. It is only when we become adults that we can learn the whole truth that leads us to our own understanding of what traditions that we carry on. Thus, mostly all of us have come to know it was the Pilgrims who became known as the originators of Thanksgiving, this new information has enlighten me to a better understanding. I was able to enlighten my family and friends with information that they didn’t know. They felt even more thankful then they had before and the prayer that we said around the table became a stronger purpose of requesting guidance, assistance, and expresses one’s thoughts and emotions. I am thankful that I was able to learn this information, my family and friends, and the food that I am able to eat every day. So what are you thankful for?


About danaib322

My name is Danai Brown and I’m a university student on a life-long quest to discover all of the good in people as well as learn the behavior of many. I have come to realize that there are many people that say that this world is “hopeless or pointless”. I want to be able to show that there is hope. I personally believe that there are miracles and these miracles will change the behavior that the person will display. Finding the positive is the easiest, but the negative you will have to work harder to find. I have been told that it is the other way around; but I have to disagree. I want to bring to my blog an insight of hope as well as teach the things that I have learned. Sharing is the key to the success in changing a negative thought to a positive one. By following my blog and I can assure you that you will see the world in a different light. I was born in the Dayton, Ohio area but have spent the majority of my life in Atlanta, Ga. I currently attend South University-Savannah campus; I am studying for my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in clinical and community Communications and Public Relations. I have been blessed with two amazing parents, two sister, two brother, and four talented and astounding kids. I am the happiest when I am sounded by people that I can get to know and care about; as well as those that I can help make a difference in their lives. I have had the opportunity to participate in many acts of service, and I continue to do all that I can do. All I want to do is leave people with hope in knowing that someone cares about them. I have come to understand that life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself. I have decided that it was time to challenge myself, to rediscover my hidden traits, talents, and tendencies. This is where I am at right now, I have been able to grow and learn more about who I am and become comfortable with me. I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. This is also another reason why I want to do more for people. I want to give the give of what I have found, how to love my self. We can all learn from each other, I hope to be able to do that with this blog. Feel free to leave a comment or share an inspirational story, I welcome it. You may even have advice for me to improve my blog, please contact me on my Facebook account at: http://facebook.com/danaib1 I would love to hear from you!
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