How do we define our Christianity?

I have been thinking a lot about Christianity. We all define Christianity in different ways but what brought me to this question was what I have noticed online. When I am on the social site called Facebook (mostly); people have displayed how they have to live by God and how God is the way. This of course is not the problem that bought me to the question. More so, it has to do with being able to display such beautiful words in which is what they believe is good to share and how they display other things that says what is really going on, have they lost faith in what they believe. I have to question; do people really act like that when they are not posting things about God? Do they remember God when something doesn’t go right? Maybe we should remember how to stay just as focus on God in our everyday life like we focus on Facebook and any other thing that we will give up most of the day for.

I feel that there are three key ethics that do define Christianity; those are being able to take out the time to worship in the spirit of God, to have glory in Christ, and to put no confidence in the flesh. These ethics that will give us the determination to make the choices to reframe from the things we should not do and focus on what is needed. It was important to me to ask these questions to others, so I interviewed three people to find out what their thoughts on the question. The first one said “that Christianity is supposed to be a religion of love; but so many of its followers are judgmental. We don’t have to bend to those that want us to do the things that we may feel is wrong or something that will make us feel less of a Christian. Nevertheless, we have to rise above it by showing that we as people can break free from the calamity that others bring into our life. When it comes to Facebook and other social sites, it is something that can easily be misused, that helps those come together and share things that are learned, and that will offer a way to be free from the judgments that we face daily. These social sites can cause us to sway into a feeling of hopelessness and bring us to an unbalanced frame of thinking. Changing how we ourselves are looked at as Christians.”

The second person said, that “I am Christian but I don’t know how I define my Christianity. I do have Christian ethics that I follow, which these help me to live my life with love. However, I also feel that I am ‘doomed’ because my beliefs are not in complete compliance with Christianity. I feel more so that Christianity is a religion whose central concern is to judge and damn the non-Christians; leaving me feeling like it is all a lie. Christianity is neither about simply living your life with love nor about judging other people based on their beliefs which may or may not fall in line with yours. Christianity is about choosing to follow, learn from and worship Jesus. So the bottom line is that I don’t feel like only saying or quoting from the bible on Facebook and then discussing something that shows that we didn’t think of God, is wrong. But it is the right that God gave us to teach others. Therefore, is it wrong to show judgment on what others say on Facebook? Furthermore, I believe in Jesus in the sense that I believe he was alive and walked the earth, but I don’t believe he was the messiah. ”

What a great question that was asked I thought… I answered the second person’s question, “it isn’t that it is a judgmental thing; a Christian is something that most people will use but don’t understand the meaning of it because of the different understandings that millions have. Understanding people’s Christian ethics and the link to a person’s behavior seems to disappear on social sites that offer a way to talk about their day to day challenges or it can be bought to light because they can share their beliefs with others.

The third person gave to me an answer that I felt was the best answer, they said “Without choices there’s no love, just fear and manipulation. When we use social sites this is what we get, we want to be liked so we will say what we think the public will want to read and respond to. The internet in its self is a big grave of manipulation. Do you think that God himself wanted to have robots? Heck no! He wants people who are of all faiths; nationalities, sexual choice, and etc. to voluntarily choose him and his truth, against the lies of the world and the pull of sin. It is up to us to share what we love and the things we are confused on so that we may grow and others can to. We are here to learn and to teach. It is the human way. I feel that we separate things too much like religion, politics and so on. These things will cause confusion and we miss the whole point. The point is Like, Love, Listen, Learn and Let go”.

I can honestly say that after having this interview it has shown me that a judgment against anybody is a judgment against yourself. I think that an individual’s actions must agree with their beliefs. If a person has comprised this at any time they themselves should question the deeper meaning behind their behavior and their own beliefs. It doesn’t matter about anything else as long as the person can recognize what they have done wrong and change it. Just like the people on Facebook, they are displaying what they believe to be true to them, ethics and all. If anyone has accepted any religion which has derived from Jesus Christ and believe that Jesus died for everyone’s sins as well as following in Jesus’ footsteps, then they are Christians. It doesn’t matter if they are of the Bahá’í Faith, Mormon Faith, Catholic Faith, Protestant Faith, and the other different denominations that are out there. Many denominations alter the definition of “Christian” to exclude other denominations. If someone tells me they are Christian then as far as I’m concerned they are. Christ is more than a system, tradition, or belief. He is a Person who knows our needs, feels our pain, and sympathizes with our weakness. In exchange for our trust, He offers to forgive our sins, to intercede for us, and to bring us to His Father. He cried for us, died for us, and rose from the dead to show that He was all He claimed to be. Conquering death, He showed us that He can save us from our sins, live His life through us on earth, and then bring us safely to heaven. He offers Himself as a gift to anyone who will trust Him. This was said John 20:24-31.



About danaib322

My name is Danai Brown and I’m a university student on a life-long quest to discover all of the good in people as well as learn the behavior of many. I have come to realize that there are many people that say that this world is “hopeless or pointless”. I want to be able to show that there is hope. I personally believe that there are miracles and these miracles will change the behavior that the person will display. Finding the positive is the easiest, but the negative you will have to work harder to find. I have been told that it is the other way around; but I have to disagree. I want to bring to my blog an insight of hope as well as teach the things that I have learned. Sharing is the key to the success in changing a negative thought to a positive one. By following my blog and I can assure you that you will see the world in a different light. I was born in the Dayton, Ohio area but have spent the majority of my life in Atlanta, Ga. I currently attend South University-Savannah campus; I am studying for my Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in clinical and community Communications and Public Relations. I have been blessed with two amazing parents, two sister, two brother, and four talented and astounding kids. I am the happiest when I am sounded by people that I can get to know and care about; as well as those that I can help make a difference in their lives. I have had the opportunity to participate in many acts of service, and I continue to do all that I can do. All I want to do is leave people with hope in knowing that someone cares about them. I have come to understand that life is an eternal quest about knowing oneself. I have decided that it was time to challenge myself, to rediscover my hidden traits, talents, and tendencies. This is where I am at right now, I have been able to grow and learn more about who I am and become comfortable with me. I think the biggest disease the world suffers from in this day and age is the disease of people feeling unloved. This is also another reason why I want to do more for people. I want to give the give of what I have found, how to love my self. We can all learn from each other, I hope to be able to do that with this blog. Feel free to leave a comment or share an inspirational story, I welcome it. You may even have advice for me to improve my blog, please contact me on my Facebook account at: I would love to hear from you!
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